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Automatic dispensing platform  

The dispenser can be triaxial with fixed, three-dimensional point to point, line, arc (3D three-dimensional space any path will be accepted)
The dispensing device WINDOWS interface easy to use and can save engineers and operators training time, dispensing function WINDOWS systematic, not easy to forget that after learning to teach quickly and easily than traditional teaching box and use the DOS operating interface dispensing equipment, more working hours to save education, less mistakes, not easy to forget that the purpose of)

CCD automatically alignment machines, this equipment is characterized by automatic image alignment, the program directly to calculate the walking path to be automatically in accordance with the bias of X, Y, θ amendment dispensing dispensing path directly, without under table of machine, installation of rotating disk, this machine has dispensing needle height correction, dispensing needles, X, Y position of correction functions (shown above)
There are two options machine way home on the PC screen and small-size computer-style screen-style hanging back, to the purpose of saving space (shown above)

Post transfer can be automatic dispensing AUTOCAD, complex graphics a one-stop (as shown above)

  Touch panel to provide services, the company in line with the spirit of seeking truth from facts, to create high-quality machine, from machine production to the hands of our customers, clients started on the line, the production of the entire production system concept allows customers are satisfied ... ...  
       Water glue laminating machine  

1.Use servo motor turning speed and high stability.
2.X, Y, θ manually adjust the table, corrected easily.
3.Pressing fixture positioning, for models easily.
4.Special quenching and tempering treatment table, not easily deformed.
5.Dispensing Precision UV stable adhesive dispensing.
6.Computer system control, process parameters can be flexibly adjusted (unlimited storage parameter group).
7.Computer systems, human-machine interface GUI.
8.Joint precise surface pressure servo console, adjustable rate of rise.

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